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Animanga Crits
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A community that provides constructive criticism for your animanga icons and graphics.

Trying hard to place in that icontest but nothing is working? Not satisfied with the results of your icon batches? Or maybe some third thing? Well if you wanna know the goods and the not-so-goods of your graphics, you've come to the right place. We want everyone here to improve, but you need to keep in mind of the ground rules:

1. When posting your icons, don't forget about your LJ cut! Use the rule of thumb: Three icons max outside the cut.
2. You can post up to ten icons, and you can only post every two days. Furthermore, you can only post if you've already critiqued on at least one person before you.
3. When critiquing, please keep it constructive! Its best if you say at least one positive thing and one negative thing. [Good example: "I like the coloring, but maybe that texture could be placed more to the left."; Bad example: "OMG I LOVE IT BEAUTIFUL : D" or "You shouldn't even try, the quality is so bad."]
4. Somewhat related to number three, FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There is a way to tell the more negative things without hurting someone's feelings.
5. Do your best to critique as many people as you can. Also, you don't have to critique on all the icons, but depending on the number, here's your requirements:
-if 3 or less is posted: critique on 1
-if 4-5 is posted: critique on 2
-if 6-7 is posted: critique on 3
-if 8 or more is posted: critique on 4

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